i’ve been recommending you to a few friends already - i hope they start seeing you! My TMJ is totally gone. Thank you.
— Ed

Today’s coaching was super helpful for me. I particularly appreciate how you’re showing me HOW to engage my lats for increased strength and less shoulder discomfort, and HOW to effectively engage and use my core. I liked how you gave me one thing to work on at a time, really helped. I also liked stopping at the top and bottom, to make sure lats were engaged and traps weren’t scratching my ears.

Good stuff. Looking forward to building a really strong foundation of skills and safety with you.
— Hildy

Just got home from todays stretch. One measure of my range of motion is when I climb the stairs in my house. the level of pain was greatly reduced as a result of your streach session. Thx. A little historical info for todays date. It was one year ago today that I had my knees replaced.
— Glenn

Arm feels much improved today. Gotta find another excuse to lay off the cleaning!

We’re going to have to start calling you magic joe:)
— Molly

The neuroma is also at a point where I’m now doing weighted jogs (20lb backpack, 12-13 min/mile pace for 2-3 miles) and the foot feels great! I give you all the credit for that! I had signed up months ago for a 5k fun run that will take place during a conference that I’m attending and when the neuroma flared, i had considered dropping out. Now I’m thinking of ways to bring my weighted ruck with me to do that 5k under load! :)
— John

Sara has given me invaluable help with issues facing older women: optimizing bone density, injury rehab and nutrition counseling. Sara tailors my program to include strength and cardio training, Pilates and tennis specific strengthening exercises. I credit Sara with keeping me strong, injury free and energized.
— ML

I never imagined liking yoga, but Joe has the ability to give each of his students, whatever their level, the confidence to grow stronger and more flexible in their practice. Joe’s caring personality and knowledge of the body are truly beyond compare!
— M

14 years! The best fitness program is the one you can stick with. Sara and Joe have been our fitness trainers and trusted guides on the path to a healthy lifestyle for more than 14 years. My husband and I are over 60 years old, our adult son is in his 20’s. Sara and Joe have adapted our programs to meet our individual goals. Just when we think we’ve achieved a peak, they raise the bar with evermore challenging exercises. If this sounds too good to be true, well it isn’t. Just ask my husband. He can tell you it’s possible to do handstands and have a Medicare card all at the same time! SLO is beyond, beyond lucky to have this dynamic duo.

Cate G., Michael, G, and Daniel G., Portola Valley, CA