A Place To Get Fit Together


We have created a space with the intention of building a community where people can get fit together. Our vision is to blend multiple fitness modalities with a variety of classes for a complete fitness experience. Our main focus is to help you achieve your goals while providing our expertise and guidance.

Over the years we have worked with people from all different backgrounds, ages, and stages in life. Through this experience we have come to realize that one modality just isn’t enough. Our needs change per day, per cycle, per life challenge. One day you might need a hard hitting SCC class, the next a relaxing yoga class finished off with an acupuncture session. Nursing an old injury? Try some cupping, sports massage, and a rehab based reformer session. Need to get serious about heart health? Try a Peloton ride. Our blend approach to fitness will cover just about any goal you can think of. Be sure to try all of our classes and create your own unique health blend!

Joe has a double Masters in Kinesiology (Emphasis on Exercise Physiology and Bio-Mechanics) and a Masters In Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Cupping, Graston and Herbal Medicine with a speciality in Orthopedic Sports Medicine). Joe is certified in yoga, kettlebells, CrossFit, powerlifting, gymnastics, cupping, acupuncture, sports massage, and herbology. With over 23 years professional experience he has worked with professional athletes, teenagers, seniors, and more. Joe brings a wonderful blend of skills to help support you towards your goals.

Sara has a Bachelors in Kinesiology with a speciality in Athletic Training. Sara’s background and training include kettlebells, CrossFit, PT based pilates reformer training, yoga, pre-post rehab from surgery and injury, and general population fitness. Sara has 15 years of experience working with clients combined with her athletic background as a D1 Gymnast.

Our dog Misha loves long walks on the beach and is very happy with the move from the Bay Area to Los Osos.