Cupping is a Chinese medicine technique that has been around for over a 1,000 years. Michael Phelps took cupping mainstream when he competed at the 2016 Olympics and was seen with cupping marks. Cupping exploded as a modality for athletes and also caught on with the general population. Cupping uses small sterile glass cups on the skin to break up congestion or “stagnation” (as it is referred to in Chinese medicine) in the underlying tissues.  Chinese medicine believes that where there is pain there is stagnation. 

The goal of cupping is to restore energy and blood flow to areas of pain.  This is accomplished by lifting layers of tissue with suction to detoxify the underlying area. Once the cup is removed the skin tells information about the underlying tissue. Dark patches reveal restrictions and adhesions. 

To enhance your session patients are encouraged to bring headphones and a calming music list or to download a relaxing meditation to listen to. Book and appointment with our Chinese medical practitioner today!   

Benefits of Cupping Include:

  • relief from back and neck pain

  • alleviate stiff muscles 

  • calms anxiety

  • decreases fatigue

  • arthritis relief 

  • decreases migraines 

  • removes toxins in tissues

  • increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage