Community Acupuncture

The goal of Acupuncture is to balance energy, creating homeostasis in the body. Thin needles are placed in specific areas known as Acupuncture points and their corresponding Acupuncture channels. These Acupuncture points/channels lie in line with nerves, muscles, and connective tissues. They work by gently stimulating the area through increasing blood flow, relaxing the tissue/nerve, and decreasing pain. The number of needles used will be determined by the practitioner based on symptoms and subsequent diagnosis. Each needle is used only once and has a plastic guide tube to help ease sensation.

Patients will sit in a reclining chair and needles will be applied from the knee and below; elbow and below; and top of the head. NOTE: In some cases needles may be applied elsewhere such as the neck and shoulders, abdomen or between the eye brows.

Patients will share a common room with up to 2 other patients and be separated by a 4 Fold Screen for enhanced privacy.

To enhance your session, patients are encouraged to bring headphones and a calming music list or to download a relaxing meditation to listen to. Aromatherapy will also be used to help increase the benefits of your treatment. Book an appointment today with our Licensed Acupuncturist! 

Appointment times are in 15 minute intervals to allow for time to speak with the Acupuncturist regarding any special concerns and time to apply the treatment. Once the needles are applied you have the opportunity to spend an additional 15-30 minutes in treatment. Total Treatment times range from 30-45 minutes from the initial meet and completion of treatment.

Benefits of Acupuncture Include:

  • reduces stress

  • reduces back pain and neck tension

  • relieves joint pain

  • improves immune function

  • digestive relief

  • allergy relief

  • migrane relief

  • osteoarthritis relief

  • injury pain relief